Is the MERN stack right for me? Marketing February 15, 2021


In this article, let’s get to know about the MERN stack, its importance, what it consists of, and why we should use it. How the MERN stack can help build scalable apps while retaining developer productivity.


MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. MERN is a web development framework that combines four of these technologies in one stack. MERN includes variations of all these frameworks. It is designed to make the development process easier and faster. It is an open-source stack and supports the Model View Controller paradigm. It is most popular in the development market as it provides an end-to-end framework to the developers. Good knowledge of the MERN stack can be beneficial for your career as a developer.

Let’s have a quick overview of each of the essential components of the MERN stack.


MongoDB is a document database program released in February 2009. It provides fast response and can handle large datasets by sharding (dividing) them across several machines. It uses JavaScript, and it is very easy to set up MongoDB. We can store data in the form of JSON syntax, which gives us a wider reach in terms of developer knowledge.


Express, also referred to as express.js, is a back-end web application framework released in November 2010. It is used by Fox Sports, PayPal, Uber, and IBM. It promotes code reusability with its in-built router and has the biggest community for Node.js. It is mainly used for the designing of web applications and APIs.


React, also known as React.js, is a type of JavaScript library that follows a declarative style of programming. It was developed by Jordan Walke and launched in May 2013. It is a front-end library that is used for building user interfaces.


Node.js, or simple Node, is a JavaScript runtime environment launched in May 2008. It is used to build applications that encapsulate business logic. It has fast code execution and is scalable. Since Node.js is written in Javascript, developer skills from the front end are highly reusable for backend development.


MERN stack has various features that will tempt the developers to choose it for their applications. First of all, it comprises four frameworks that will make the whole process easy for them. Also, it provides front-end development and back-end development in a common language – Javascript. MERN stack projects also feature robust and in-built tools for testing. In MERN, we can reuse code and have a component-based approach. It also supports the Model View Controller paradigm, which makes it more helpful for structured development. It is full-stack with a 3-tier architectural pattern.

  • Front-end display tier – React.js
  • Application tier – Express.js and NodeJs
  • Database tier – MongoDB

Also, we can use JSX in React, which allows us to implement our ideas more quickly during development. While it is useful for making small applications very easily and efficiently, it can be adapted to manage large applications as well. It is very efficient to use MERN as we can develop highly efficient code in less time. Nowadays, MERN is getting traction from new developers. They are interested to learn the MERN stack, which will be a plus point for companies as they can find highly experienced personnel for their company very easily. Also, it has great documentation and community support. We can also code for Android and IOS applications in the MERN stack project. Developers have an amazing, consistent experience while working on the MERN stack. 




MERN stack uses four frameworks in one framework. Also, you need not hire different specialists for different technologies, which will save a lot of money and time for the entrepreneurs. It also uses only one language that is JavaScript which saves time in learning it.


We can enjoy a full stack only in one MERN stack. It provides front-end and back-end development. It gives us a 3-tier architectural pattern facility.

Talent availability

MERN learning is becoming very popular among youth nowadays. They are keen to become experts in this field. This is very helpful for companies to find skilled developers for their company easily.


It is open-source, which will help companies avoid the problem of proprietary licensing, which is beneficial for the developer too. They can use MERN easily without any such problems.

Easy learning

It is easy to learn MERN as it comprises only one language (JavaScript), and most of the developers are familiar with it. Also, many MERN stack tutorials and knowledge articles are available to the learners.


Now let’s conclude on all the aspects MERN stack in brief. MERN stack is a pack of technologies, and its unique features are best for any startup to use. It is a highly efficient framework for the development of applications. MERN is scalable and flexible too. It is full of features that will make development faster and smoother for a developer. It has various testing tools, which is a helping hand for developers while programming an application. Many big brands use the MERN stack nowadays. Some of them are Ubereats, Instagram, Walmart, etc. MERN stack project gives an incredible user experience, and it is a fully responsive app for developers. All of these features make the MERN an incredible framework that fulfils all the development needs efficiently. Also, we can learn MERN online. Many platforms provide classes and tutorials for MERN learning. Keeping all these points in mind, we can use MERN for the development process of applications in companies.