Programming mistakes to avoid Marketing January 12, 2022

Behind building software, there is a team of skilled, talented programmers who put their heart and soul into any project. Programming is a process that the developers’ community thoroughly enjoys because this is their passion, this is what they do for a living. There are dos and don’ts for everything in life. Programming is no different. Programming is not a very simple process and requires a lot of effort and attention. To make sure that all of your hard work does not go wasted, here are some programming mistakes that you should look out for: 

1. Avoid repetition:

Why make your program bulky when you have the chance to not do that? If you are copy-pasting a certain code multiple times, then you need to understand this sign and do something about it. Repetitive coding is very common and most of the programmers might have come across the same mistake but there are always other options for you to make the coding process easy without being repetitive. Inserting functions or loops in your code might be a few options that will help you through the process.

2. Understand the assignment:

 Input, output, conditions, programmers need to take into account every little detail they can think of. Coding is not a quick process. It consumes your time, hard work, skills, and so one would need to ensure that they are not proceeding in the wrong direction. After hours of coding, late nights spent in front of the screen, nobody would want to see that the software has failed because of some silly errors. Take your time to understand the project, what the requirements are, and how to go about the process. Ask the clients what they expect from this project. Get into the details, research thoroughly and be prepared. Make sure everything is in place before you begin. 

3. Variable Names:

 Say you are working on a program today and the day has come to an end. You decide to complete the remaining part of the program tomorrow when you come back to the office. Now as you come back to the office and look at the screen, what would you want to see? Variables names precisely according to what the function represents or variables named after whatever it is that you were feeling good about yesterday? The prior choice, correct? Variables play an essential role in any and every language. Naming them is not a difficult task but it just needs to be accurate. 

4. Keep it Simple:

One needs to understand that coding may be a complex process but every program does not need a complex code. Keep it simple, keep it basic. The idea is to solve problems and if that can be obtained through an easier yet efficient path, then go for it. A code that is simple, efficient, and easy to manage will cause no harm and thus it becomes the ideal choice.

5. Negate confusion:

There are so many choices for building software in the market today. Python, Java, Scala, or frameworks like Vue, Node.JS, etc. They all have their different set of capabilities and thus attract the attention of developers. You need to understand that language overload is going to cause more problems and will not result in a fruitful outcome. Algorithmic thinking should be the basis for your projects. 

6. Backup is important:

Taking risks is brave but when it involves continuously working for 6 hours, skipping lunch, and hard pass on that afternoon nap, then you might not want to be the daring type. After putting so much effort into a project, how would it feel to know that the entire data is gone? Just like that? You would feel pretty frustrated, right? That completely makes sense. To avoid that from happening, make sure that you take timely backups and keep the programming updated. Such a precious piece of work deserves to be protected at all costs. 


It is okay if you make a mistake unknowingly, but if the same thing happens twice then it cannot be termed as a mistake. Now that you know about some of the most popular programming mistakes, make sure that you avoid these as they will have a positive impact on your coding.