Incentius announces partnership with a leading global non-profit organization. Marketing January 10, 2022

Incentius is an analytics, modeling and reporting company targeted at helping consulting companies obtain better efficiency. The firm is pleased to announce a partnership with a non profit organisation to upgrade a legacy application to a more modern data and analytics stack. 

As part of this engagement, the expectation from the client is to deliver:

  • Re-architecture of data structure.
  • Migration of legacy data into new data structure
  • Automation of data ingestion and processing
  • Dynamic dashboard generation in PowerBI

We will provide technology and analytic support to the client and help them unlock extra value from their data assets. With a focus on simplifying the data management process, the in-house team aims to standardize on a modern, easy-to-use secure survey analytics structure that allows them to offer reports across various markets. Our team will be supporting implementations in PowerBI and rearchitecting their legacy data store. 

About Incentius: 

Incentius founders have years of experience in sales analytics, operations and administration. They form part of an in-house advisory team that provides key business and industry insights to all analysts to discharge their duties. This creates a key value add that clients receive. As a result services offered include experience and industry knowledge in addition to excellent resources. The advisory team is constantly looking to apply standard tools from other practice areas to sales analytics including machine learning techniques, predictive modeling, etc.