10 Tips on how to start your Software Startup Marketing June 18, 2021


The IT industry has come a long way in the past few years and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Your idea may be brilliant but if you want to make an impact on the people, a place for your company in the market, you will need to execute your ideas properly. Make sure that the amount of hard work, time, effort, dedication, money, sleepless nights that you put into work amount to something meaningful. In this blog, you will read about some points that one should keep in mind when starting a Software Startup.

Draw a Business Plan:

The most important step when starting your own company is to draw a Business Plan. Prepare a detailed plan that includes your ideas, the reason why you are starting this startup, the audience you want to target, your vision of the company, financial projections, market research, market strategy, etc. All these factors play a major role in any startup and need to be accounted for. 

Market Research:

It comes as no surprise that there are several Software companies out in the market. You need to understand what makes your idea stand out and how you will convince people to buy your software. Conduct thorough research, know your competitors, know what they offer to the audience. Your goal through this process should be to realize if your idea has a place in the market or not. As great as your idea maybe, it will be worthless if it is not practical or convincing enough for people to invest in.

Find Investors:

If you want your startup to survive in the long run, it is important to find an Investor. With the help of an investor, you can improve the way your startup will function. Funds are needed for various activities such as marketing, day-to-day work, asset purchase, etc. Partnering up with investors will not only help your company’s financial status but with their expertise, they can even guide the company’s way towards success. Present your proposal in such a way that negates the possibility of investors hesitating to invest in your startup.

Build an MVP:

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an essential step for any startup. While you put your company out in the market, it is only fair that the users get a chance to give feedback. MVPs help the company realize where they want wrong and how they can fix their mistakes. The feedback that will help you improve your work is always healthy and thus building an MVP is a step that should not be neglected. 

Create your company’s website:

In the digital world that we live today, online presence has attained a new height. The world of the internet will allow users to engage from any corner of the world. Creating a website for your company will have several advantages such as accessibility; anywhere at any hour of the day, establishing credibility; to earn the trust of companies these days the mark that is required is the presence of their website, Cost-effective; The luxury of creating a website at the comfort of your own home can save you a lot of money, Marketing; Marketing plays a huge role in the expansion of any business and to spread the news online has become a piece of cake nowadays.


Test the software as it will ensure that it is of the highest quality. You would only want to provide superior quality work to your customers, right? Software testing and quality assurance will help you move one step forward in that direction.

Get the required licenses and permits:

Make sure that you obtain the necessary licenses and permits. It will not only protect your company legally but also bring a certain level of credibility to its name. Failure to have the required licenses permits may result in fines. 

Hire your team:

The recruitment process plays a crucial role. Do not hire people instantly. These people will set the foundation for your company as they will be among the first people to get hired. Their work will determine the company’s future and hence will be of utmost importance. You need to think about various factors; what kind of work do you expect from them, what kind of skill set are you looking for, their pay scale, how many employees can the company initially have, etc. Outsourcing and Freelancing are also great options as it means access to more software experts.

Software Consulting:

Software consultants will bring a business perspective to the technology. They offer advice that will help your company keep up with the latest technology. Their expertise will help in improving the structure and efficiency of the company’s work in a way that will be good for the company in the long run. Their advice will help you understand how an application should be implemented using the latest industry approaches. 

Build an emergency fund:

You cannot expect your startup to succeed in the first few months. It takes time to build a company, and that is why emergency funds are important. They are an essential part of the plan. During the time of any crisis or unplanned situation, you will always have your Emergency funds to fall back on. 


Building a Software Company from scratch is not an easy task. But you have to believe in your idea and work in the direction of achieving your goals. Following these tips might help you brilliantly execute your idea.