Hire PHP Developer for a Full Range of Web Development and Maintenance Services Marketing July 5, 2021

PHP is an open-source and easy-to-learn web development language that is widely used on the web today. This secure web development language proves handy for a range of services, from a code fix or simple script to more complicated web application development.

Today, every organization in need of a robust or customizable website or application prefers PHP. However, choosing this language is not just sufficient because the ultimate success lies in hiring the right PHP developer who can bring the best results with maximum agility. Hiring experienced and talented PHP developers will allow businesses to avail full range of services like PHP web app development, ongoing maintenance, management, and up-gradation.

A PHP developer writes, tests, and maintains code for web pages, programs, and applications using the dynamic scripting language called PHP. However, a good PHP developer not just writes, tests, and maintains code for web pages and works on projects of different complexity but also has sound analytical and problem-solving skills and collaborates with many skilled developers to create myriad apps and also efficiently handle troubleshooting whenever required.

A good developer is well capable of building customized solutions for businesses, irrespective of the industry in which they operate, and develops optimal PHP-based web solutions in sync with their industry and project requirements.

With millions of PHP developers around, hiring the best is a difficult task especially for a non-technical person. Besides, several factors such as the experience of the developers, technical skills of the developers, and budget of the hiring company, influence the decision of hiring the best PHP developer. Generally, PHP developers do know most of the PHP frameworks like Zend, Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, Symfony, Joomla, Kohana, etc. While hiring a skilled and knowledgeable PHP developer, companies must ensure that the developer possesses the following skills:

·      Working experience on frameworks like Laravel, YII2, Symphony

·      PHP programming language knowledge

·      Working experience with SQL/MySQL databases

·      Good understanding of JavaScript and sound knowledge of HTML & CSS

·      Hands-on with CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress

·      Knowledge of control systems like SVN and Git

While hiring a good and experienced PHP developer, businesses do have the option to explore traditional job portals or if they need top-quality PHP developers without the hassle of in-house hiring, then they can check with companies that provide their developers for a few weeks or months to carry out their web development needs.

Businesses while hiring PHP developers have the basic skill set of the average web developer besides having the necessary skills for writing clear and maintainable PHP code. The developer should be able to analyze website requirements, troubleshoot code, implement database solutions, and add backend features to optimize performance.

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