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It’s time to create interactive, visual business intelligence dashboards that supports faster decision making

Dashboards for all stakeholders

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9+ Years
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Incentius was instrumental in bringing the visualization aspect into our investment and trading business. They helped us organize our trading algorithms processing framework, review our backtests and analyze results in an efficient, visual manner.

Priyank Dutt Dwivedi

Founder, Mudraksh & McShaw Advisory

Outstanding Features


Myriad variations of data visualizations including candlestick, heatmaps, graphs, trees, funnels, gauges, sunbursts.


Layering data over maps depicting areas or points. Add custom styling, layers and shapes to visualize your collected location-aware data


Analyze multi-dimensional data, time-series data to discover trends abut organizational data, metrics and processes

Data Management

Data pipelines and connectors to integrate, cleanse, and rationalize multiple data sources