Humblx: Housekeeping Software

A housekeeping software with a highly visual dashboard for the hospitality industry comprising an app for the housekeeping staff.


Humblx is a next-generation digital housekeeping software for hospitals and large facilities to track their day-to-day housekeeping activities. Housekeeping is still largely driven by paper-based processes for tracking the attendance of employees, allocating and managing tasks and other operational activities of the housekeeping team. Humblx identified this as an opportunity to assist facility managers and housekeeping staff in managing their daily operations. Their team developed a platform that digitally transformed the operational part of housekeeping processes. Dedicated efforts of over a couple of years yielded results when they managed to sign up one of the biggest hospitals in the country. However, there was a decent level of customization needed to align the housekeeping software offerings with the hospital’s needs.

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Problem Statement

While the hospital had signed up based on the existing feature set, several other use cases/scenarios needed to be addressed using the housekeeping software. Humblx needed a range of features to be developed for the same and within a defined timeline which seemed to be a challenging task. Any delay in rolling these out would have meant a delay in the go-live and would have put the entire project in jeopardy. Given the nature of the features to be developed, there was a need for a team specialized and experienced with the latest technology stack who could expedite the development process.

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It started with understanding the current setup and business problems that were to be solved. A list of all the open items comprising existing issues and desired changes in terms of features and enhancements were created and distributed in 3 cycles of each month. The first cycle with the most critical items was picked and then prioritized based on effort estimation. With this, the Incentius team started knocking them off one by one and, in the process, also connected the missing pieces of the puzzle, i.e., aligning the code with the business. This helped the team be more consultative, which was visible in the eventual outcome that comprised of developing visual dashboards for admins to track app and staff performance with users’ in-app behavior. This was a critical feature that helped admins identify the most navigated and used functionality within the housekeeping software.

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A highly visual dashboard for client admins to get a better understanding of housekeeping activities and the overall efficiency of the staff. Task Management capability to easily track the ongoing housekeeping activities along with ownership. 

Other features like shift scheduling, real-time issues notification, issue-based ticketing with automated escalations, and a detailed analytics report of monthly performance were built to provide a pleasant experience like never before for the client. Lastly, Humblx could focus on expanding its business, leaving the technical aspects of the housekeeping software to Incentius.

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Tech used

  • Python

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Vue.js

  • Quasar

  • Docker

  • MongoDB