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Our Startup Services

Build a concept into an MVP, rearchitect your MVP for scale or introduce CI/CD into your app to quickly ship code

Prototype/MVP Development

Build your platform from business concept to MVP focusing on great UI/UX, scalable architecture, cloud deployment and orchestration, maintainable and clean code

Virtual CTO

Lean on our expertise for advise on the technologies to invest in, building blocks to integrate and the modules that you should build internally.

Scale from MVP to well-rounded product

Transition from a proven concept to a full-fledged product that can scale. Add the essentials like authentication, single sign-on, devops orchestration, data infrastructure, etc. etc.

Team Augmentation

Fill critical gaps in your team by augmenting them with our UX/UI, frontend, backend, database, NoSQL, search engine, workflow experts.

Technology/Data Migration or DevOps

Use our experts to refactor your system to replace technology components, reduce infrastructure costs, improve system performance and deploy continuous integration and deployment.

How we work?

The various ways in which we can engage with your startup to deliver value.

Full equity-based model
Build from business concept to MVP using a pure equity-based payment that vests over the period of the build. Keeps cash burn low while gaining a technology partner with skin in the game.
Part equity, part billing model
Access highly discounted billing rates for technology expertise with a hybrid equity-billing model for early stage startups that want to scale quickly.
Virtual technology team
Outsource your technology build completely with access to architects, functional consultants, analysts and engineers as a dedicated team at reasonable billing rates.
Project Based
Our team can build a specific component, integrations, extensions or services of your platform end to end at a fixed price based on scope estimated.

The startup advantage

Our experience and expertise can supercharge your product and startup development.

Technology & Open Source Expertise
Cross-functional technology expertise with decades of experience in latest tools, services and software patterns. Leveraging open source technology is a key strength.
Security & Compliance
Experience with building enterprise-grade security into applications and adhering to industry specific compliance requirements for greater acceptance amongst clients.
Cloud Experience
Hands-on experience with cloud deployments provides you with the opportunities, idiosyncrasies and helps avoid pitfalls in working with the cloud.
Our general research-focused mindset helps you do more and leverage technology and integration advantages to extract maximum value

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