TestHelper : K-12 testing platform for educators

A K-12 testing platform for educators to assess the performance of students across classes and division with in-built analytics. Trends of teachers class performance rate and how well-rounded their students are can be analyzed in the dashboards.


Our client was seeking a reliable technical partner to help them build a scalable and robust platform that would allow them to effectively target their competitive market segment. Performance at scale was a particularly important consideration, as the client planned to launch their service within the Indian market, which meant that the platform needed to be able to handle a large volume of users.

To meet these requirements, we worked closely with the client to understand their needs and develop a solution that would meet their goals. This involved a thorough analysis of the market and the competitive landscape, as well as an in-depth assessment of the client’s target audience and their needs.

Through this process, we were able to identify key areas of focus and develop a strategy that would allow the client to effectively enter the market and capture a significant share of their target segment. This involved building a platform that was reliable, scalable, and easy to use, and implementing rigorous testing to ensure that it was ready for launch. Ultimately, our efforts paid off, and the client was able to successfully launch their service and begin building their customer base.



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Problem Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge for K-12 students, as most education moved online. One major issue that arose was the difficulty in administering and grading tests, as traditional in-person methods were no longer possible. In response to this problem, our client decided to launch a robust and scalable online platform specifically targeted at K-12 students in smaller towns in India. This platform aims to provide a convenient and effective way for teachers to assign and grade tests, helping to ensure that students are able to continue learning and making progress despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. By targeting smaller towns in India, our client is able to reach a population that may have been particularly vulnerable to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, and provide much-needed support to schools and students in these communities.

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At the outset of the project, we knew that it was important to thoroughly understand the needs and preferences of our target user segments, which included teenagers and pre-teens. To this end, we spent the initial few weeks performing user research and gathering insights into the type of user experience and interface that would be most suitable for these age groups.

One key consideration was the need for the app to be highly mobile-optimized, as we anticipated that many of our users would be accessing the platform on their smartphones. Additionally, we knew that it was crucial for the app to be easy to use, as we wanted to ensure that even those who may not be particularly tech-savvy would be able to navigate it without difficulty.

In terms of architecture, we focused on building a scalable system that would be able to handle a large volume of users, but also kept costs low so that our client would be able to scale effectively in the low margin segment they were targeting.

Finally, we moved into the build and test phase, where we developed and thoroughly tested the platform across a variety of use cases and under different usage conditions. This was an important step to ensure that the app was robust and reliable, and would provide a seamless user experience for our teenage and pre-teen users.

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After launching the platform, our client was able to capture market share in a number of high-profile key accounts, which helped to solidify their brand in the market. The platform was able to meet the diverse demands of these marquee accounts, and we were able to support them with quick pivots and changes as needed to help them gain a foothold in these important accounts. This enabled our client to establish a strong presence in their target market and set the stage for further growth and success.

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Tech used

  • VueJS

  • Quasar Framework

  • Docker

  • Mongo DB

  • Flask

  • NodeJS